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Choosing the right uniform for your team shouldn’t be a hassle. At 4ORM, we’re here to put you and your team at the centre of the uniform selection process. Whether you manage a cafe, hotel, or restaurant, we understand that your needs are unique. Our in-house printing and embroidery services ensure your team’s uniform is a perfect reflection of your brand. We know that uniforms impact your team’s confidence and your business’s image. Let us guide you in finding the ideal hospitality uniform solutions, so your team can genuinely love their uniform. It’s all about you and your vision.
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Product Categories

Step into uniforms that compliment your brand. Explore our range and product categories below.

Need advice on choosing the best branding option?

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Personalisation Options

We can apply your brand in the way that best suits you.

Let us guide you on choosing the best branding option that suits you. Dive into our branding options below — Jacquard labels, Print, Embroidery, and Eco-Leather — to discover the ideal fit for your brand’s unique personality.


  • Vibrant and detailed graphics.
  • Creates smooth colour gradients in your branding.
  • Suitable for a wide range of fabrics and garments.
4ORM - Print & Embroidery - EMBROIDERY 07


  • Industry staple
  • Robust and hard wearing
  • Becomes part of the garment
  • Texture effect adding depth to your branding

Eco Leather

  • Ideal for fine detail
  • Fashionable choice for a stylish look
  • Perfectly suited for denim and aprons
  • Vegan friendly

Jacquard HD

  • Premium option
  • Made from fine woven threads
  • Ideal for intricate and detailed branding
  • Combines sharpness of print and durability of embroidery

Looking for inspiration?

Inspiration GAllery

Be inspired! Explore our gallery below and see how your brand can be brought to life.


Buying for a team? We're here to help!

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1: Appointment

Visit our showroom or arrange a visit from a member of our sales team.

2: Product Review

Match garment technical specifications with your industry requirements.

3: Select Range

Coordinate colours and garments for Front of House, Kitchen and Management Staff.

4: Embellishment

Advice in choosing the best branding application: Jacquard, Print, Embroidery or Eco-Leather.

5: Order

Our B2B online portal service makes repeat ordering simple and convenient.

Sustainability: We're all in it together

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Packaging & Sustainability

At 4orm we are keenly aware of the environmental impacts of our products. Accordingly, we are striving constantly to mitigate these impacts while still delivering high-quality personalised garments at a reasonable price. We work with a committed network of official suppliers who share our values. We source eco-friendly materials and use sustainable packaging.

We have eliminated:

  • Individual plastic bags per garment
  • Plastic tape on boxes
  • Plastic address pockets


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