Jacquard printing is a specialised technique that involves weaving intricate patterns and designs into fabric and producing this into labels that can be sewn or heat-applied to garments. This method is often associated with high-quality and detailed designs, making it a unique and sophisticated choice for logos on workwear uniforms.

Jacquard Weaving Setup:

The process begins with the creation of a Jacquard loom setup. The loom is a device used for weaving, and in Jacquard weaving, it is equipped with a mechanism that allows for individual control of each thread. This enables the creation of intricate patterns and designs.

Digital Design Conversion:

The logo or design intended for the workwear uniform is converted into a digital format that can be interpreted by the Jacquard loom. This digital design serves as a blueprint for the weaving process.

Thread Selection:

High-quality threads of different colours are selected to match the design specifications. Jacquard weaving allows for the use of multiple thread colours, enabling detailed and multi-coloured logos.

Loom Preparation:

The selected threads are loaded into the Jacquard loom, and the loom is set up according to the digital design. This involves configuring the loom’s controls to achieve the desired pattern and ensuring that each thread is positioned correctly.

Weaving Process:

The Jacquard loom goes through a weaving process where it precisely interlaces the selected threads to create the logo or design directly into the fabric. The result is a woven pattern with a three-dimensional texture.

Quality Control:

After the weaving is complete, the fabric undergoes a quality control check to ensure that the logo is accurately woven, and there are no defects in the pattern.

Cutting and Finishing:

Once the woven fabric is approved, it may be cut into the desired shapes for workwear uniforms. The cut pieces are then prepared for the final garment assembly.


Benefits of Jacquard Printing for Workwear Logos:


Intricate Detailing:

Jacquard printing allows for highly detailed and intricate designs, including small text and fine lines.

Multi-coloured Designs:

The use of multiple thread colours enables the creation of multi-coloured logos and patterns.

Durable and Long-Lasting:

The woven design is an integral part of the fabric, making it durable and resistant to fading over time.

Professional Aesthetic:

Jacquard printing imparts a sophisticated and high-quality appearance to the logos, contributing to a professional and polished look for workwear uniforms.

Texture and Dimension:

The three-dimensional texture created by the weaving process adds depth and dimension to the logos, enhancing their visual appeal.


While jacquard printing is a premium option, it may be more complex and costly compared to other printing methods. It is particularly suitable for businesses looking to convey a sense of luxury and craftsmanship in their workwear uniforms. Working with experienced textile manufacturers or suppliers familiar with jacquard printing is essential for achieving optimal results.