Chaud Devant – Bib Apron Multipocket

Chaud Devant – Bib Apron Multipocket

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Chaud Devant – Bib Apron Multipocket – 35″ W75 – L90 

Pure Denim Collection is strong, raw, and has character. That’s why it’s the perfect blend of fashion and workwear. Real denim is alive! The more you wash it, the more it comes to life. Wash and treat it as you want. Pure Denim takes on your identity. Be daring and combine the style that fits you. The Pure Denim collection is not suitable for industrial cleaning. Please note that denim may bleed. Avoid contact with light-coloured furniture or clothing. Everybody loves denim! A different pocket for every tool. This sophisticated multi pocket is perfect for serving staff.

          Adjustable fastening

          Various pockets & loops

          Rinse wash + color fixation

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