Chaud Devant – Apron Forene Denim Navy

Chaud Devant – Apron Forene Denim Navy

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Chaud Devant – Apron Forene Denim Navy – W70 – L50


The Apron Forene is inspired by style trends in Scandinavian countries. This dark blue apron allows you to create a sleek minimalist look. What makes the Forene Apron so unique is the combination of denim and a leather belt. The belt is easily adjustable and can be removed from the apron for washing. Care instructions: the leather straps aren’t made for industrial cleaning. They can be cleaned separately with a damp cloth. A neutral soap, such as a green soap, can also be used for cleaning the material.

          Removable fastening


          With removable straps

          Leather straps

          Rinse wash + color fixation

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