SK8 Totto School Backpack Acuareles


The SK8 Totto School Backpack Acuareles is perfect for students who love moving around on their skates.

This bag comes black background colour, black zippers and black and grey skate artist prints. It also features an ergonomic backside and cushioned straps to your total comfort. If you are looking for extra convenience, you can even attach your Acuareles to a trolley system.

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Product Description

SK8 Totto School Backpack Acuareles


  • Ergonomic backside
  • Cushioned straps
  • Adaptable to trolley
  • Insider Name Tag
  • 2 Side Pockets
  • 2 Front Pockets
  • Internal Stationary Organizer


Weight: 0.8kg
Dimensions: 17.32″ W x 12.99″ H x 5.51″ D
Capacity: 20,33 L

See other ACUARELES options.


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