Price and quality are both important, but quality comes first.
This approach is at the forefront of our uniform and merchandising offerings.
Harvard Professor Michael Porter said people only ever buy something under three guiding influences; price, quality, or what he called ‘focus’ – like when your car breaks down on holiday in France, you just need the part!
Barry’s Tea, Hayfield Manor, Royal Cork Yacht Club, and McWilliam’s Bags are organisations that know this to be true, and trust us to work closely with them to maintain those values.

Our business is making uniforms. Some of our clients already have a long-established uniform and just need to source an element of it or add a new department to it. In this we are always very happy to help. What we really love to do is design a uniform from scratch.

Gender, age, size, nature of work, coordinating the colours of garments, seasonal layering up and down, where to apply the logo and whether to print or embroider all need consideration and influence the final outcome. Working your way through this process should be done in a particular order to avoid unanticipated outcomes or frustrations. Establishing a strong working relationship makes this process very manageable.

In the production of your uniform, we do this by sourcing garments appropriate to the needs of your organisation. Many garments require the application of your logo, we offer three ways of doing so, print, embroidery, and a third higher-end application referred to as woven labels. We believe that a ‘uniform’ does not mean everyone has to wear the same garments. A successful uniform will make its wearers identifiably belonging to your organisation with some know-how and subtle touches. .

Our Promise

You will love your uniform

We want you to love and feel your best in your uniform. That is why we source our products from the best suppliers in the US and Europe. When selecting our product range, we keep 3 things in mind: Quality, Durability and Good Value. 
We want your clients to have the right impression of you and your company. A good quality uniform can enhance the image of your business.
We know how important it is to have a clothing range that resists daily wash and still looks good. Therefore, we work with highly resistant and durable products
Good Value
We also know the importance of being on top of costs. That is why we work closely with you and our suppliers to ensure the best value in our products.

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